Research Papers and Theses


Topics for Paper Theses Focussing on Economic Geography

This list is meant for orientation and to find ideas. The actual thesis assignment is done in direct communication between professor and student. All topics can be adapted to examples of the inland or foreign countries, for example of less developed nations. For a consultation with regard to your thesis paper subject, please make an appointment


Topics for Paper Theses

  • Presentation and evaluation of regional economical structural change
  • Problem area of deindustrialization and/or regional mobility of companies – economical and social geographical implications
  • Analyses and evaluations for the development of industrial areas or spaces
  • Socio-economic relation systems as development potential for regions of different structure
  • Possible applications and success evaluation of modern regional development concepts in economic promotion, regional and urban management as well as marketing
  • Regional economic implications of sustainable transition for selected industrial sectors
  • New approaches of sustainable regional or urban development, implementation and evaluation
  • Studies on industrial sectors or regional studies for the development of eco networks and other approaches of "industrial greening"
  • Interrelations between labor qualification, skill shortages and regional development
  • Structural and regionally economic implications of demographic change
  • Regionally economic impact of higher edcuational institutions, research centers, foundation and technology centers
  • Recording and characterization of regional and national innovation systems
  • Current problems of passenger transport and transport of goods and approaches to solve them
  • Regional embedding and affects of globally intergrated companies
  • Linking of international and regional value-added chains of industry
  • Foreign direct investments as indicator for international economic interrelations
  • Fields of process of cross-border European/regional development
  • Competition and cooperation in the European/regional promotion of economic development and urban managing
  • Spatial and regional effects of the expansion of the European Union

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