The courses and lectures offered by our Chair comprise numerous course formats in the Bachelor and Master Studies of Geography. For some part, the lectures are integrated into other study programmes of RWTH Aachen, for example for the Bachelor study "Geographical Ressource Management".

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Field trips are an important component of the application-oriented education of economic geographers. Our Chair offers various excursions and field trips of varying duration going from 1 day to 2 weeks. Up to now, destinations of the long excursions were various parts of Germany, but also England, Sweden, Spain, Austria as well as Mexico, Oman and South Corea.

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Research papers and theses

At the Chair of Economic Geography, a large spectrum of themes can be chosen as final theses on Bachelor or Master level. Basically, for each candidate an individual and customized thesis is being agreed upon. You are also welcome to elaborate on subjects in cooperation with internship partners or other partners of practical experience.

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